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Welcome to the Inter Northshore Futsal League

Inter Northshore FC Futsal League (INFC Futsal League), previously the Whitefish Bay Futsal League, is currently accepting applications for 2015-2016 Winter Session 1 and Winter Session 2. Our league is played in the state of the art Futsal facility, In-Bounds Training Center, located at 2920 West Vera Avenue in Glendale, Wisconsin. Boy and Girl divisions are available for U8 to U14 age groups. We look forward to your participation!

2015-2016 Winter Futsal Season

For the 2015-2016 Winter Futsal Season we will be running two sessions of Futsal. If you have futher questions email them to

  • Session 1 will be 7 weeks long and Session 2 will be 6 weeks long.
  • Age Groups of teams will be scheduled to play Futsal at roughly the exact same times every week.
  • All games will be played at the In-Bounds Training Facility.
  • Every game will be refereed by at least one licensed Futsal Referee.
  • The Champion of the division will be determined by a Championship game in the last week between the two teams with the most points.
  • The ideal number of teams in an age group would be 8, but we can create brackets with sizes of 4, 5, 6 or 7 teams.
  • "Premier" level bracket as well as "Select" level bracket in each age group will be created whenever possible.  The "Premier" level will be designed to create a higher level of competition for teams with more experience.
  • Session 1 weekend dates are 12/5-6/2015, 12/12-13/2015, 12/19-20/2015, 1/2-3/2016, 1/9-10/2016, 1/16-17/2016, 1/23-24/2016.
  • Session 2 weekend dates are 2/20-21/2016, 2/27-28/2016, 3/5-6/2016, 3/12-13/2016, 3/19-20/2016, and 4/2-3/2016.
  • Registration into session 1 will be $625 (Application Deadline 11/22).
  • Registration into session 2 will be $600 (Application Deadline 2/7).
  • Register 12+ team from the same club and pay $525 per session.
  • We will start accepting online and offline registrations July 2015.

League Highlights

  • All games are played at approximately the same time each week.
  • All games are played at the same location each week.
  • All games are refereed by Futsal Certified Referees.
  • All games are played in In-Bounds Training Center, specifically designed for Futsal.
  • League Organization and Game Schedules are organized online and in a timely manner.
  • Scheduling requests are honored when possible. Reschedules can also be accommodated.
  • Email communications are sent weekly to keep everyone updated.
  • The League website at is designed specifically for the Futsal League and YOUR team.  It is updated with schedules, games scores and league standings on the day the games are played.
  • Championship games, awards, and photos for each division enhance competition and excitement. 

INFC Futsal League

Each team will play one (1) game per week. Session 1 games start on December 6, 2015 (Application Deadline November 22, 2015). Session 2 games start on February 20, 2016 (Application Deadline February 7, 2016). Games will be scheduled between 8am and 8pm on Saturdays and between 8am and 12pm on Sundays. Every game will have a licensed referee. We will attempt to keep age groups playing during the same date/time periods. However, we will also attempt to accommodate special considerations for teams.


You may roster up to eighteen (18) players, but the game day roster limit is twelve (12). Email us a list of all the names of players on Team A and another list of names of players on Team B. The two lists can have overlapping names since we allow kids to roster on multiple teams. You may choose any combination of 12 players from the rostered 18 to make your game day squad. 


Sponsored by In-Bounds Training Facility

In-Bounds Training Facility

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Located in Glendale, Wisconsin - Click the address below for more info about this state of the art facility.


In-Bounds Training Facility, 2920 West Vera Avenue, Glendale WI, 53209